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Your Home Office Ergonomics Starts Here

20 August, 2020
Learn how to sit, tension-free!

Your pelvis… Do you know where your sits bones are?

Prior to this pandemic, your office set-up was probably pretty sweet. You had all the comfy, ergonomic extras that kept your body well enough to keep working long hours.

Flash forward to 2020 …with a COVID-19 new normal has forced us to work from home. You’re now conducting that quarterly report at the dining table, with the laz-y-boy and ottoman pitching in as convenient office decor. On top of that, there are constant distractions, whether it’s the kids, what’s for lunch/dinner, and all the rest of those charming domestic demands.

This equates, invariably, to a ‘new stress’ on our bodies, as it’s a new way of working and operating in life. We’ve all had our best ergonomic & postural practices flipped on its head.

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Simple Solutions for Embracing a Healthier Lifestyle

20 June, 2019

We all want to feel good, but sometimes living a healthy life can get a bit overwhelming.  After all, we don’t always have time and energy for hours at the gym and putting together elaborate meals.  Thankfully, good health can actually be quite simple with a few smart strategies. 

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Tips for a Great Head Massage – Head, Neck, and Shoulders

30 November, 2017

Tips For A Great Self Massage – Head, Neck, and Shoulders

Massage will relieve pains and aches in your muscles, relax your mind, boost your vitality and reduce stress. Don’t have time to see a massage professional? Of course, we recommend getting a relaxing massage from a skilled massage practitioner, but when in need of a quick relief, a self massage will do. It won’t be the same – but you will feel better, more comfortable and relaxed.

Applying pressure on a sore spot is a natural thing to do. When you hurt yourself – banging your head or arm on something by accident, or you are bleeding – your hand will automatically go to the place where the trauma occurred. In the same way, we are naturally inclined to place our hands on areas where muscles are tight and contracting, and generally uncomfortable.

A great thing about self massage is that it’s quick and can be done anywhere – you just need to know what to do!
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Ways To Help You Get Grounded and Settled Into Your Body During Stressful Times

27 October, 2017

Are there days when you feel overwhelmed, fearful or anxious, where you find yourself holding in your breath? Sometimes, these feelings can be brought on by a single, traumatic event, and other times, it’s an accumulation of events that weigh you down. Both can bring on nervousness, confusion, insecurity, and inability to focus. A word for this is STRESS, and everyone experiences it on some level or another.
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