We are a San Francisco Bay Area-based, workplace wellness company specializing in chair massage, exercise instruction, and ergonomic coaching as a comprehensive Wellness Program.

Our comprehensive Wellness Program – which consists of chair massage, exercise instruction and ergonomic coaching on a regular basis – has helped hundreds of employees learn how to prevent and manage repetitive strain injuries and take responsibility for their health and wellbeing. Workers’ comp, absenteeism, and low retention cost US companies billions of dollars a year. We are here to address these concerns from the approach that a healthy employee makes a more productive employee.

We are passionate about making a difference in the workplace.

    • Greater mental acuity
    • Heightened energy
    • Less injury and absenteeism due to less physical, mental and emotional stress
    • Efficient management of stress = less burnout, more retention
    • Healthy employees = happy employees
    • Employees are left valued — they get that their well-being is a company priority
    • Greater employee buy-in to company mission
    • Gifting of massages between employees nurture their working relationships
    • Mood & outlook transform with every session
    • Inspires greater responsibility for their own health
    • Promotes self awareness and mindfulness
    • Wellness becomes part of the workplace culture

Interested in the benefits that Touch Wellness can bring to your business?