Tips for a Great Head Massage – Head, Neck, and Shoulders

30 November, 2017

Tips For A Great Self Massage – Head, Neck, and Shoulders

Massage will relieve pains and aches in your muscles, relax your mind, boost your vitality and reduce stress. Don’t have time to see a massage professional? Of course, we recommend getting a relaxing massage from a skilled massage practitioner, but when in need of a quick relief, a self massage will do. It won’t be the same – but you will feel better, more comfortable and relaxed.

Applying pressure on a sore spot is a natural thing to do. When you hurt yourself – banging your head or arm on something by accident, or you are bleeding – your hand will automatically go to the place where the trauma occurred. In the same way, we are naturally inclined to place our hands on areas where muscles are tight and contracting, and generally uncomfortable.

A great thing about self massage is that it’s quick and can be done anywhere – you just need to know what to do!

Why Should You Consider Self Massage

Self massage can:

– Relieve stress
– Improve blood flow
– Improve lymphatic circulation
– Remove anxiety
– Boost your productivity
– Free up the tension in your joints
– Promote mental acuity and self awareness
– Elevate your overall state of mind

Self-Massage Techniques For The Head, Neck and Shoulders

1. Shoulder and Neck Massage

Sitting at your desk, hunched over a computer at work can cause cramps and muscle soreness. To relieve pain in the neck, try this technique:

– Place your fingers on the base of your neck.

– Apply firm but gentle pressure to the muscle on either side of the spine.

– Work in small circles, from the base of the neck to the base of the skull.

– Slowly move your neck forward and backwards.

– Loosen up your hold when you feel more relaxed.

Do this to relieve shoulder pain:

– Cup your left hand on your right shoulder.

– Now, your trapezius muscle will be directly below your palm. Squeeze the trapezius a few times at a comfortable level of pressure and let your fingers roll on it like a ball.

– Avoid any bones (clavicle, shoulder blade) you may feel and work your way over to the base of the neck. It is important to keep the shoulder relaxed while the other hand is massaging it.

– Move your hand so that your finger tips are now at the crest of the trapezius, where you may feel a “golfball”-like mound. Roll the fingers in circular motion over this area, or if you prefer, in firm presses with finger tips in a “walking” fashion.

– Repeat for the left shoulder, with the right hand.

2. Head Massage

A throbbing headache can ruin your day.
Try this self head massage technique to relieve your headaches:

– Apply pressure – as firm as it is comfortable for you – on your temples with the fingertips, working in circles.

– Slowly massage the entire temporalis muscle with your fingers. If you’re unsure where that is, clench your teeth. If you can feel the muscle move beneath your fingers, you’re feeling the temporalis muscle.

– Work your way along the hairline, in circles, until your fingers meet each other at the top of your forehead.

On a final note, cramped and tense muscles can cause a lot of pain and soreness. If you simply do not have the time or resources for a professional massage, learning these simple techniques will go a long way in relieving pain and stress.