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Your Home Office Ergonomics Starts Here

20 August, 2020
Learn how to sit, tension-free!

Your pelvis… Do you know where your sits bones are?

Prior to this pandemic, your office set-up was probably pretty sweet. You had all the comfy, ergonomic extras that kept your body well enough to keep working long hours.

Flash forward to 2020 …with a COVID-19 new normal has forced us to work from home. You’re now conducting that quarterly report at the dining table, with the laz-y-boy and ottoman pitching in as convenient office decor. On top of that, there are constant distractions, whether it’s the kids, what’s for lunch/dinner, and all the rest of those charming domestic demands.

This equates, invariably, to a ‘new stress’ on our bodies, as it’s a new way of working and operating in life. We’ve all had our best ergonomic & postural practices flipped on its head.

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Cell Phones and the Decline of Posture ~ by Dr. Karri Cardinal

10 July, 2017

Next time you are standing in line, look around and watch people on their mobile devices. Technology has certainly made things easier for us, but at what cost? Forward head posture, rounded shoulders and hunching (“iPosture”) can cause myriad health problems such as neck pain, upper back pain, mid back pain, low back pain, headaches, jaw pain, migraines and accelerated aging of the spine and discs; to name just a few. More importantly, poor posture causes stress to your nervous system which provides energy to all of your vital organs. This can translate to overall poor health, dysfunction and disease.

Now even young kids have these mobile devices and are learning poor postural habits at an early age. It use to be that we were 40 or 50 before we started having “back pain”, now we are seeing the effects of poor posture at an earlier age… in our teens and 20’s! It’s time we learn how to use these devices properly and teach our children to do so as well.
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