As a business owner, it’s a great cost-effective perk for our employees. It has become something we all look forward to and really raises company morale.

Scott Cuyler, Square Peg Design

Just taking a short break to improve circulation keeps my migraines under control, and keeps my muscles from bunching up when I’m stressed or under deadlines. Having silence in the middle of the workday is a luxury, and allows me moments of meditation and peace. I’m in a better mood when I return to work and I feel recharged and feel full of patience and understanding.

Wendy H, UCSF

The Touch Wellness Team’s touch is magic. I have been a client for over 10 years. I am truly addicted to the touch and well-being that I receive each session. I walk into the room with aches and pains and walk out feeling refreshed with returned mobility. It is all about the touch, and how restorative something as simple as a touch can be. Of course, touching just that right spot on my left shoulder and then moving down the arm releasing the kinetic electricity that takes away the tightness that had been building since the last session, ah what a release! Now imagine having that same relief on the rest of your upper body. This wonderful release of endorphins lasts throughout the day.

Jerri, UCSF-IT

Having just 15 minutes of massage to relax, de-stress, and rejuvenate every other Friday has made a difference for myself and our staff. It helps us fulfill our commitment to providing excellent customer service, as well as help us maintain our workplace health and wellness

Rob Schenk, Partner, Intivix

Veritable Vegetable staff members love the weekly chair massages provided by Touch Wellness, and our massage rosters ALWAYS fill-up quickly and generate a waiting list. Although individual staff members have their favorite massage practitioner, each one is excellent and brings their own special energy or touch to what is a very good basic massage. Staff members report leaving their massages feeling rejuvenated and more aware of their physical well-being.

I worked with Yuki and Touch Wellness in a previous job, and I have always found her very responsive and responsible in administering her programs; she is a pleasure to work with and to know. I would not hesitate to recommend Touch Wellness to any organization interested in their services.”

Nanette Viellieu, Director of Human Resources, Veritable Vegetable Inc.