The Touch Wellness Story

Touch Wellness was established in 1996 as a workplace wellness consulting company. At that time, chair massage in the workplace was just beginning to gain popularity, all while I was beginning my endeavor to learn what chair massage provided for people. In 1998, I joined the Touch Wellness team. As a vibrant wellness company from the start, we are committed and excited about our work. Our greatest pleasure is to empower people’s wellness; to make a difference for the masses, including organizations, businesses and their employees as all discover a steady path toward optimum health and well-being.

Our work is very rewarding for obvious reasons: we provide people the experience of being “consciously connected” to their body. Additional benefits include relieving them of pain or discomfort, self-education and preventative health. While those things are all very valuable, I also see our work as being part of a movement toward a touch-healthy culture. Hearing about some of our long-term clients giving healthy touch to their loved ones is a great joy, and something I want to see spread everywhere. My teacher, and previous owner of Touch Wellness once had us write our greater vision for the world, and that exercise is what helped create my context for this work that still stands today.

As massage practitioner, and owner of Touch Wellness since 2004, I am committed to making a positive difference in the workplace and providing excellent customer service. Our highest goal is to empower and educate our clients, in turn creating meaningful work for ourselves and others. We are grateful to be of service to our clients.

~ Yukiyo Takaishi Payne